Jumpstart With Top 5 WordPress Theme Templates

WordPress themes with the best-designed ready-to-go starter templates.

WordPress themes with the best designed tepmlates

In this theme selection, we focused on five themes that (we believe) have the best starter templates. The selection below is in no particular order. Please note that most of these themes have free as well as paid options. We believe that it is quite easy to get everything you need for a good-looking website free of charge. Before spending your money we recommend exploring the free options, especially if you are creating your first webpage.

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Blocksyprofessional design in less than 10 minutes

You could call Blocksy a rising star. There is hardly any top theme list in 2021 where Blocksy would not show. It offers templates low in numbers (just 5) but of high quality. If you’re looking for a free option that let’s set up a personal professionally looking website in 10 minutes, Blocksy is a good pick.

Nevefast and efficient business website

Neve has been around for a few years and the chances are that they’ll be around for years to come. Their focus is handling traffic and speed. This option might be more suitable for businesses. The paid version offers further enhancements and integrations to boost your business page.

CosmosWPe-commerce with rich free feature package

Another e-commerce ready theme is CosmosWP. This theme promises a rich free package of features. Just like the themes above, it is compatible with WooCommerce.

Deepindustry-specific templates

This theme boasts with numerous industry-specific demo pages. It can a good source of inspiration. If you want to use their template it might however cost you a little. Before purchasing any license, it is always good to have a clear idea of what technology you intend to use and check for incompatibilities.

Astrathe all-time best

No theme list would be complete without Astra. Needless to say that this theme has been battle-tested in all scenarios. The chances are that the free Astra templates offer a design that fits your needs. Because of its wide use, there are numerous tutorials and troubleshooting pages circulating on the internet. This makes Astra a good option not just for professionals but also for WordPress beginners.


If you want to launch a new website, it is not necessary to do all the work. There are plenty of free high-quality templates. If you are looking for a quick professional design, Blocksy might be a good option. If you’re building a business website, Neve or Deep might be good picks. CosmoWP is also a good e-commerce ready theme with rich free features. Needless to say, Astra is the most popular option out there and might be a good fit for any beginner, due to the huge amount of free learning materials available online.

Note that this list was compiled based on the personal preference of the graphic designs. We did not perform thorough security testing on these themes and cannot give any warranties, nor be liable for any technical insufficiency.

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