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Controlling and Accounting Automation

Books closed on time.

Multi-ledger solutions for corporations of all sizes.

Tax Compliance and Tax Risk Management

Compliance made easy.

Interested in a fully free and adaptable demo server?

Document your process

Design, document, and analyze your process flow.

Identify risks and design controls

Stay in control, and avoid surprises.

Corporate Data Modelling and Business Intelligence

Data with a focus on what matters.

Ontology-based approach with a focus on process and performance…

Risk and Revenue Assurance System

Compliance made easy.

Interested in a fully free and adaptable demo server?

Hybrid Cloud Integrations


Combining privacy and scale.

Customized ERP Systems

Always up to a complex challenge

Choose from established ERP providers…

SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and more…

… or free adjustable open-source ERP systems

ERPNext (link) and Odoo (link).


Most ERP systems come with a sample Chart of Accounts and Tax Tables. These need to be by principle adjusted according to the fiscal jurisdiction applicable to your business.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer database, ticketing system for support, payment tracking for dunning, and more. The CMR module is one of the most essential parts of your business system.

Business Process Orchestration

Get it done quicker… a lot quicker.

Implementations with micro-services, Camunda, machine learning modules, and more…