Custom Cloud Solutions for Business Workflows

ERP implementations, process analysis, data modeling, automation, and much more. Have more time to focus on what matters.

cloud service

EUR 45 / month*

…more bots, less work for you.

  • custom development
  • integration in your workflow
  • troubleshooting and support
  • cloud hosting integration
  • webserver integration
  • ERP system integration

*price may differ for complex tasks,
excl. VAT

business cloud

EUR 2.290 / month*

…a solution for SMEs.

  • initial assessment
  • business model analysis
  • infrastructure deployment
  • system maintenance

*starting price, excl. VAT, please note that the price may vary depending on your needs and business model.

hybrid cloud

…custom enterprise solutions for complex workflows.

  • ingestion and transformation
  • process automation
  • data model optimization
  • cloud and/or on-premise
  • systems integration

*price may differ for complex tasks,
excl. VAT

Scale your business with managed servers…



of small businesses use cloud technology.

This is why:

Lack of qualified IT staff


None of the employees is qualified for managing IT infrastructure.

Security concerns


Fear of potential data breach and subsequent fines.

High cost


High license fees of enterprise-grade solutions.

Legal uncertainty


Privacy laws have brought high complexity, especially in the EU.

Data location issues


Lack of control over the data processing.

Data access concerns


Most businesses don’t want third parties to have access to their data.

Automated workflows in the cloud…

Publish new offerings, collect orders, get paid in one go—all within a framework of servers dedicated to you.
You decide in which country you want to store your data and what data you want to share with external
service providers. Data privacy is a promise you can keep.


n.B.: Integrations with Amazon MWS, Shopify, odoo, ERPNext, SAP,, WordPress, and many more are possible–get in touch to find out more.

Exchange ideas…

Join, discuss, get inspired.


code lines tested


top security grade


hours of test runs


expected back office efficiency increase

15 days

until the first implementation on average

Transform, innovate, grow…

It’s never too late and never too early to innovate.


Begin now!

Quick setup—you can skip steps you’ve already taken,
but also take all the time you need, of course.

Your timeline can differ depending on
your needs, business model, and availability.

Step 1: Book an online meeting
As a first step book a free online meeting with us. You can do this with the button in the top menu of this page.
Day 1
Step 2: Tell us about your business process
In the first meeting, we need to find out more about your business model to choose the right solution for you.
Day 2-5
Step 3: Review our proposal
Before we start writing code, we discuss our proposal with you.
Day 6-8
Step 4: First implementation is born
We write and test the code.
Day 8-9
Step 5: Deployment
We deploy your bot into the cloud.
Day 10-15
Step 6: Feedback, support and maintenance
We are here for you when you need us.
Day 16-…