Scalable Cloud Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

We help you navigate new technology with over a decade of experience in tax, accounting, controlling, financial reporting, risk management, ERP, treasury, and European compliance.

Ready for the cloud?

cloud workflows

…you keep your data, we do the work.

  • custom development
  • system integration
  • troubleshooting and support

*monthly minimum 10.000 work steps

Complex data and
cloud computing

…for better and faster insights.

  • ingestion and transformation
  • data model optimization
  • compliance implementation
  • cloud and/or on-premise
  • integration with ERP, BI, and other

Enterprise hybrid cloud solutions

…you bring the challenge, we bring the solution.

  • ERP integrations
  • Business intelligence solutions
  • GRC software implementations
  • Finance and treasury solutions
  • Process design and automation

We provide
custom solutions…



of SMEs use cloud technology.

This is why:

Lack of qualified IT staff


None of the employees is qualified to manage IT infrastructure.

Security concerns


Fear of potential data breach and subsequent fines.

High cost


High license fees for enterprise-grade solutions.

Legal uncertainty


Privacy laws have brought high complexity, especially in the EU.

Data location issues


Lack of control over the data processing.

Data access concerns


Most businesses don’t want third parties to have access to their data.

…with an easy start…

Your timeline can differ depending on
your needs, business model, and availability.

Step 1: You tell us what you need.
What challenge specifically would you like to tackle?
Day 1
Step 2: We design a prototype at no cost.
We develop a prototype solution to give you a clear idea.
Day 10
Step 3: We discuss your feedback together.
Does the prototype address all your needs? What else would you need?
Day 12
Step 4: You decide.
We give you an offer with a budget estimate and timeline.
Day 14

…and fast results.